Motion Control Processors:
LM629N - 8, LM628N - 8, and HCTL 1000

The HCTL 1000 is the predecessor to the HCTL1100 series motion control IC.   The chip can control Brush DC, brushless DC and stepper motors using optical encoder
feedback.   Multiple chips may be used and synchronized. 

The chip provides for both analog PWM/Sign and step and direction signals.  The command set allows for complete
position and velocity control.

HCTL 1000 is $40.00

Please refer to the PDF download for the full data sheet

National Semiconductor
LM628N-8 and LM629N-8  $50.00
These chips are high performance servo motor control ICs from National Semiconductor.  Both are designed to control brush dc servo motors with incremental encoder feedback.  The LM628 features analog output, the LM629 supports PWM/SIGN output.  Both chips are PID type controllers and communicate over an 8 bit data bus. The LM629N-8 is used in our Servo2 controller card.  The ICís provide complete control over position velocity and acceleration.  Applications include CNC, robotics, pick and place and automation.
Please refer to the PDF download file for more information